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Foresight and Insight
in an Uncertain World

About Us

Clients rely on GSW Strategy Group for independent analysis and insight on the economic, technological and environmental changes affecting energy producers and users. Engagements range from issue assessments, white papers and expert briefings to scenario projects and ongoing strategic advice and coaching. The firm's work draws on the following areas of experience:

  • Hands-on Industry Expertise
    More than 25 years of hands-on experience in the energy industry, including alternative energy and climate change, corporate strategy, alliance management, domestic and international commodities trading and logistics, and refinery process engineering, in addition to advising NASA on solar power.

  • Scenario Planning
    The application of the scenario planning process to corporate strategy and business challenges, based on Mr. Styles's experience implementing techniques developed by the Global Business Network. Examples of project topics include the future of the energy industry, responses to climate change, the implications of "9/11", alternative energy strategies, reservoir management strategies for a giant oil field, and creation of the initial strategic plan for a new global marketing business.

  • Energy Commentary & Blogging
    Now in its ninth year, GSW's "Energy Outlook" blog ( covers a wide range of energy and environmental issues. It was recognized by the Times of London as one of the 50 Top Eco Blogs and has been cited frequently by the Wall Street Journal's "Environmental Capital" blog, as well as by the Washington Post and Financial Times.


  • Strategic planning
  • Scenario planning
  • Analysis of external business factors
  • Group facilitation
  • Public speaking, including keynotes
  • Customized educational presentations on energy technology and policy
  • Concise and effective written communications
  • Negotiating complex business transactions
  • Energy financial analysis for projects and investments

Recent Engagements

  • Facilitated a technology scenario planning project for a subsidiary of a multi-governmental international energy organization.
  • Providing social media content and advice for an energy startup that recently went public.
  • Providing content and analysis for an independent research firm covering the global energy industry.
  • Multiple scenario projects for a Fortune 50 energy company, resulting in refocused investment plans in alternative energy technology development and deployment.
  • Scenario project for an energy financial research and consulting firm, leading to a strategic plan for market entry in alternative energy.
  • Subject-area expert for the renewable energy segment of the National Petroleum Council study: "Hard Truths: Facing the Hard Truths about Energy".
  • Scripted keynote China energy conference speech for an independent oil company CEO.
  • Presentation on energy implications of space solar power at a space development conference.
  • Moderated alternative energy panels at a series of investor conferences.


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X Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is that a conscientious Investor Relations and Corporate Communications consultancy should help its clients build and strategically improve self-sufficient internal IR/CC capabilities. We believe that the investment community and media need to speak with you and your company’s management directly, not a third party representative.
X The Challenge

The Investor Relations and Corporate Communications job has become exponentially more challenging. Even the most mature IR/CC programs and senior practitioners are finding it difficult to simultaneously handle the sheer volume of needs. There is always need for improvement and continual enhancement in order to differentiate your company’s stock in the eyes of investors. Periodic review of your company’s financial communications, investor relations strategic and competitive positioning is essential to attract and maintain desirable investors, buy-side and sell-side coverage.

X Why Next Level Investor Relations
NLIR is here to serve as a sounding board for you and to be your partner. We are happy to talk you through efficient solutions that you may wish to execute using internal resources or for NLIR to step in to directly design and facilitate execution of new initiatives. You are hiring NLIR for direct access to Pam Styles, principal, senior IR/CC practitioner and counselor, who efficiently and strategically uses her experience and investment community contacts to help you.
X Engaging NLIR
Before we begin an engagement, we listen to your needs and carefully define the project scope. We talk through prioritization and anticipated time, and suggest how you can most cost effectively use NLIR’s services to achieve your goals. We interface directly with you or individual(s) you designate throughout the project. We routinely provide you project status reports to clearly track the engagement progress against its agreed scope and deliverables. We may refer you to other peer consultancies if NLIR is unavailable or if we believe someone else may have a particular focus that better suits your immediate needs.